Editorial Guidelines

We are a diverse team of writers, researchers, and editors, united by a common passion for knowledge and a commitment to providing our readers with the highest quality content. Each member brings their own unique perspective and expertise, contributing to the depth and breadth of ‘ifdiff’.

True to Our Ethos

We stick to our commitment of illuminating the world’s knowledge. Every article we produce goes through multiple layers of scrutiny, to ensure it aligns with our ethos and mission.

Rigorous Research

Before pen hits paper, our writers spend time researching, comparing, and understanding the topic at hand. It’s not just about stating differences and facts; it’s about understanding the underlying distinctions that matter.


Nothing gets by us. Our dedicated team of fact-checkers ensures every claim, every data point, and every comparison stands up to scrutiny.

Final Review

Before hitting “Publish,” our editors give each article a final look to ensure clarity, credibility, and alignment with our values.

Up-to-Date Info

The world changes, and so do we. Our team regularly updates articles to reflect new information, discoveries, or even just changes in public opinion. What you read is always the latest.

Feedback Loop

Got something to say? We’re listening. If you think we missed a point or could improve in any way, let us know through our contact page. 

Partner Contributions

We’re open to collaborations that align with our values. Sometimes our articles feature guest experts who bring unique insights to the topic.

No Paid Reviews

Our integrity is not for sale. We never accept payments for favorable reviews. What you read is our honest, unbiased opinion.

Continuous Improvement

We’re always learning and adapting. Our aim is to keep growing as the ultimate resource for discerning differences in every walk of life.

Thanks for taking the time to understand our editorial process. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose. We’re committed to earning yours every day.

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